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"New york metro area could be hit with another major snow storm this season" forecasters say, maybe or maybe not!

Either way Grounds-care ltd. will be prepared-in advance! With equipment owned and maintained by us. All suited to each sites specific needs. Starting with the PH24 (pine handle 24" snow shovel) all the way up to SP18 (snow pusher 18 foot width). Our staff of employees truly strive to provide complaint free service. We know our clients require exceptional service, and we strive for 100% satisfaction.

Grounds-Care ltd. is equipped to handle any size account from a small retail store all the way up to a 100+ acre shopping mall. We own a fleet of the most technically advanced and late model trucks and equipment in the area.

Our clients rely on our 26 years of experience, they know we will be there from the first flake and throughout the duration of the storm. They also know that following the storm we will be providing our Ice Watch (tm) service, that provides daily saltings of ice patches and runoff refreezes. We also can provide snow removal and relocation service, with dump trucks and loaders, we move mountains of snow.

Equipment+Experience+Employees=Excellent service from GROUNDS-CARE LTD.

Remember...We Show a GROWING Concern!

Call today: 845.639.4400 or info@groundscareltd.com