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Grounds-Care Ltd. are seasoned professionals in the field of hydroseeding.

Using our own state-of-the-art machinery we provide services such as:

  • New lawn establishment.
  • Sports field establishment.
  • Golf course renovation.
  • Steep slope erosion control.
  • Bonded fibre matrix (B.F.M) application.
  • Highway and right-of-way re-establishment.
  • Temporary soil erosion control.
  • Horse farm turn out areas.
  • Soil amendments.

Grounds-Care ltd. can provide quick germinating seed selections for effective runoff control at construction sites. We also can seed wildflower areas and horse ranch fields.

Hydro seeding is also a very effective approach to insect and disease damaged turf. After the turf is cured of the problem, we hydro seed the area and blend in the turf repair.

Hydro seeding is also an excellent way to control dust on construction sites and unpaved roads.

Through our constant education and involvement in trade organizations, we produce outstanding results, with great drought tolerance.